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For the past five years, Tidex has been providing our users, from beginners to seasoned pros, with a secure and reliable platform to trade.

With our team of world-class fintech and crypto developers, we are constantly improving the exchange to give traders even more convenience, functionality, and security.

Tidex history

Tidex was founded in 2017 and became known for its simple and user-friendly interface, and quickly grew in popularity. Tidex combines all the qualities of modern centralized crypto exchanges and provides an intuitive and secure experience for users.

Advantages of the Tidex ecosystem

adv-image-0 Trading and holding cryptocurrency on the Tidex platform:
  • Sophisticated algorithms and the latest security systems safeguard your crypto.
  • The system is secured with complete data encryption.
  • All assets are fully protected through the use of hot and cold wallets.
adv-image-1 Infrastructure
  • Four ways to trade (limit orders, market orders, stop-limit orders, and one cancels the other or “OCO”)
  • The Tidex Launchpad platform which allows projects to raise investment capital
  • All assets are fully protected through the use of hot and cold wallets
  • Passive income through the Tidex Earn System. Holding your crypto on our exchange helps to support liquidity and the blockchain network, and as a reward, you earn interest on the amount you hold.
adv-image-2 Suitable for both beginners and professionals
  • We developed the platform interface to cater for all users, from beginners just starting out to seasoned traders.

Tidex world

Millions of users worldwide have already experienced the benefits of Tidex.

Greece 23.37%
Italy 18.98%
Czech Republic 12.24%
Georgia 5.66%
Slovakia 5.31%
Other countries 34.44%


2019 European jurisdiction 2021 Launch of the new version of the platform 2024 Launching the project “Tidex in Metaverse” — Q3 — 2022 Launching your own TDX token 2023 Cooperation with Tidex Bank System Integration — Q1 — Launch NFT MarketPlace — Q2 — Launching your own TDX DAPP Solutions blockchain — Q4 — 2017 Launching the exchange