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USDT staking with ~35% annually

Earn on cryptocurrencies with minimal risk

USDT Staking
Staking USDT
Annual yield
Minimum amount to hold: 100 USDT
Minimal period: 24 hours
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Staking USDT

The best way

to protect against volatility
Staking USDT

Passive earnings

on the most popular stablecoin
Staking USDT

Daily accrual

of profits
Staking USDT

Withdrawal at any time

safe and easy
Staking USDT

What is staking?

Staking is passive income generated by the storage of assets in a cryptocurrency wallet to provide support for operations on the blockchain.

Staking USDT

Calculate your profit

Calculate your profit for the day, month and year, based on the amount of investment.
Daily profit
Monthly profit
Annual profit
Start staking Calculate your profit for the day, month and year, based on the amount of investment.

Why is it profitable?

High profitability.
There are no USDT staking offers on the market with guaranteed returns of ~35% or higher.
No commissions.
Tidex does not charge any commissions for staking of USDT.
The assets are always at your disposal.
You can replenish or withdraw your assets at any time.
Profits are accrued daily.
You earn every day, not at the end of the staking period.

Why is it safe?

1 USDT = 1 USD
1 USDT is always equal to 1 USD
The stability of the USDT exchange rate under current global economic conditions (crisis, pandemic, Bitcoin halving) is a guarantee that you will not lose your money, even if the markets collapse.
Only you have access to the assets
Only you have access to the assets
Staking of USDN, which is the basis of our staking, is organized on smart contracts and is completely decentralized.
Exchange security
Exchange security
Tidex has been operating since 2017 and has gained a reputation as a stable platform, one of the few that has never been hacked.

What do you need to start?

  • Register
  • Transfer USDT to a Tidex wallet or buy some on the exchange
  • Transfer at least 100 USDT to the stake
  • Start making profits in 24 hours

How to start staking



Our USDT staking solution is based on staking another asset – Neutrino (USDN), a decentralized stablecoin that is pegged to the USD and fully backed by WAVES. USDN staking, in turn, is based on leasing WAVES using the LPoS (Leased Proof-of-Stake) consensus model.

Based on your stake in Tether, our system will create an equal-value stake in USDN on the Waves blockchain. The resulting rewards will be automatically converted into USDT and sent to your Tidex account. You will not have to buy or hold any USDN or WAVES – only Tether.

USDT staking on Tidex yields a fixed ~35% annual interest. Since you'll receive your payouts in Tether, the yield in the USD equivalent is also ~35%. That's the highest ROI you can earn off USDT anywhere on the market.

You cannot use the USDT coins that are staked, though you can trade with the rest of USDT on your balance. If you wish to trade with the Tether that is currently staked, you will need to withdraw them first and wait for 24 for the coins to be transferred back to your balance.

No. You will receive a fixed ~35% annual rate without any extra charges or hidden fees.


Staking means locking up (freezing) crypto coins in order to help maintain the functioning of a blockchain. The staker receives regular rewards for the services rendered to the network. There are dozens of stakable coins, each with its own reward rate and conditions.

PoS, or Proof-of-Stake, is a blockchain consensus model in which nodes (computers) lock up coins in order to participate in block validation. The size of the stock determines the node's changes to be selected as the validator of the next block. This means that it's in the node's interest to have a large stake. At the same time, if the node 'misbehaves', it can be fined by taking away a percentage of its stake. This way, a stake acts as a guarantee that the node won't break the rules

LPoS, or Leased Proof-of-Stake, is a version of PoS used by the Waves blockchain. When users lease their WAVES to nodes, they retain full control over the coins and only transfer their validation rights to the node. The node shares the rewards it earns with the leaser.

When you stake USDT, Tidex creates a stake in USDN on the Waves blockchain. This stake, in turn, is used to lease a matching amount in WAVES locked up in the USDN smart contract to a validation node. The node generates rewards in WAVES, which are converted first into USDN and then, finally, into USDT.

However, Tether and Neutrino are not related algorithmically; in fact, they are issued on different blockchains. The uniqueness of our solution is to link them in a single hybrid product that leverages the advantages of both.

To stake USDN, you'd first need to register a Waves account and a Waves wallet. Then you'd have to buy USDN and create a stake using a special dApp. Our USDT staking solution removes these layers of complexity. It is the best of both worlds: you can use an asset you already have (Tether) and earn a high ROI off another stakable asset.


1) Register on Tidex – it takes just one minute.

2) Log in and deposit USDT in your Tidex account (see the answer to the next question on how to buy USDT).

3) In the Staking section of the dashboard, choose Invest USDT. If you don't see the dashboard, click on your username in the top menu bar and choose Staking from the drop-down menu.

4) Enter the amount you'd like to stake (min 100 USDT).

5) Click on Invest USDT.

Your stake will be activated immediately.

Once you are registered and logged in, click on Deposits and Withdrawals in the top menu bar. Note that you need at least 100 USDN to create a stake.

1) If you already have USDT in an external wallet/exchange: in the list of coins, find Tether (USDT) and click on Deposit to view the deposit address. Send USDT to this address (for example, from MetaMask).

2) If you have some other crypto, such as Bitcoin, in an external wallet/exchange: in the list of coins, find the coin you have and click on Deposit to view the deposit address. Send the coins to this address from your external wallet.

3) If you don't have any crypto yet: register a crypto wallet that supports USDT (such as MetaMask or MyEtherWallet), then buy Tether on any third-party platform that supports bank cards, such as Binance or CoinDirect. Send the Tether from your newly-created wallet to Tidex. Alternatively, you can provide the USDT deposit address on Tidex when you buy Tether with a bank card.

The daily rewards will be automatically added to your balance. You can use them right away for trading or withdraw them from the exchange. You can track the payout history in the Deposit Details section.

In your user dashboard on Tidex, go to Staking and find the stake you want to withdraw in the Active Deposits list. Under Actions, choose Withdraw. After you confirm the withdrawal, funds will be returned to your trading balance in 2 weeks.

After you withdraw your stake, there is a 2-week lock period before the funds are returned to your trading balance during our settlement snapshot.


No. You will retain full control over your stake and can withdraw your USDT anytime. Tether serves only as a basis for a stake in Neutrino (USDT), which is locked up in a transparent and auditable smart contract. The contract functions in complete independence and nobody can access the funds in it, either.

USDT staking is much safer than investing in IEOs, mining, or stakable PoS coins. You don't need to worry about the volatility risks or that the project itself will fail. However, the general technological risks associated with the blockchain technology are applicable to staking, too. All the contracts involved in the process have passed numerous stress and vulnerability tests, and the security system of the Tidex exchange is very robust. However, it's impossible to guarantee 100% security during electronic transfers of assets.

Your staked USDT are stored in a secure cold wallet disconnected from the Internet, where hackers cannot reach them. The underlying staking asset, USDN, is locked up in a smart contract that has been extensively tested for vulnerabilities. It is extremely unlikely that a hacker might get access to the funds in the smart contract; but even if this were to happen, they would not be able to steal your USDT.

Tidex is a well-established exchange known for its robust security. Since our launch in 2017, we've never experienced a successful attack or a crypto theft, though our security team has to repel dozens of attacks every week. Very few exchanges have such a successful track record. Unlike the clients of dozens of other exchanges, Tidex traders haven't lost any money to hackers.

No. Since the underlying asset that is staked (USDN) is a fully algorithmic stablecoin, all the staking operations and reward payments are governed by a smart contract. The rewards are generated and transferred automatically and no entity, be it Tidex or any other, can meddle with them