General questions

1. How to sign up for a Tidex account. Go to https://tidex.com and find the "Get started" button, or go directly to https://tidex.com/exchange/registration.

2. Please, follow the steps on the screen to set up your account. Enter your E-mail, password, nickname, and phone number (optional).

To prevent your account from being hacked, please, choose your password wisely:

- Do not use the same password, security question and answer for multiple important accounts.

- Use a password that has at least 16 characters, use at least one number, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one special symbol.

When you click "CREATE AN ACCOUNT", you're agreeing that you've accepted the Terms of Use.

4. In case of successful confirmation of your registration, you will be able to see this message:

4.1 Click on "Log me in" and you will get a mail with "Authentication code". You should enter your credentials and authentication code in requested fields or you can just click on the link from mail:

5. If you will try to sign in Tidex Exchange without confirming your registration by email, you will get an error at the bottom right corner(see pictures below). Also you will be unable to change your password:

7. Congratulations! You are in!

1. Open tidex.com and click "Log in"

2. Once you will click it, you will get a mail with "Authentication code". You should enter your credentials and authentication code in requested fields or you can just click on the link from mail:

3. If you have enabled 2FA, you should paste 6-digits code from Google Authenticator application:

4. If you filled all the requested fields properly, Click "LOG IN" button.

Congratulations! you are in!

1. Log in your account first.

2. Go to personal settings by clicking on one of following links:

3. Next, choose "Settings -> Security" at the left-side menu:

4. Read all the warnings carefully and enable 2FA setting.

- 1 - If you don't know how 2FA working, you can refer to wiki.

- 2 - Copy your 64 digits code to safe place. It will help to restore access to your account. Then click on "DONE"

- 3 - Scan QR code with Google Authenticator application, enter 6-digits code from it and click on "ENABLE 2FA"

If all above points are done, you will see the message:

5. That's it.

1. How to deposit coin/token to your Tidex balance.

a) Your registration should be completed (see FAQ, point 1.)

b) You should be logged in Tidex

c) You should have any cryptocurrency from list of supported cryptocurrencies on Tidex. For example: BTC (bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum) and so on.

2. Depositing

a) Enter your deposits and withdrawals tab - https://tidex.com/exchange/account/deposits

b) Find a coin/token in search string

c) Click on DEPOSIT button.

See pic.

Now you are in your personal Tidex page.

From this action you will learn deposit address.

See pic.

Please, pay attention to "Min deposit amount" (it is 0.2 for WAVES) and to disclaimer.

Actual data for any of Tidex cryptocurrency is here.

3. Copy this address and paste it to the place from where you are going to withdraw your coins/tokens.

Extremely advise you to make first deposit with min deposit amount. Also pay attention to the withdrawal fee on other side from where you are going to withdraw. Your deposit shouldn't be less than min deposit amount. In case it is less then min deposit amount, funds won't be credited.

4. Check your deposits in DEPOSITS & WITHDRAWALS

1. Enter https://tidex.com/exchange/account/deposits. Pending section:

2. Or find it in your "D & W HISTORY" - https://tidex.com/exchange/account/deposits-history

3. TXID - Transaction Identifier. Uniq ID which helps to identify transaction in blockchain (block explorer)

4. Confirmation count. Once confirmation count will be 10/10 your coins will be credited.

All coins/tokens specification (min deposit amount, supported asset names, confirmation count etc...) available here.

1. Make sure you are logged in Tidex.

a) Enter your "DEPOSITS AND WITHDRAWALS" - https://tidex.com/exchange/account/deposits

b) Find Cryptocurrency you would like to withdraw. As example I will choose WAVES.

c) Click on "Withdraw" button.

After clicking you will see the following:

Amount - amount which you are about to withdraw.

Address - recipient address.

Available Balance - amount which is available for withdrawal. It is clickable - fills the "Amount" field.

On orders - coins/tokens which are on open orders.

If you would like to withdraw all the amount, make sure you have 0 on your "Reserved" column in previous picture. Reserved - means amount on your open orders here. To withdraw all the amount, you should cancel all the open orders with this cryptocurrency.

Total Balance - total balance of selected cryptocurrency including open orders.

Fee - withdrawal fee. Check for asset specification.

Total - total withdrawal amount including the fee. Recipient address will get exact this amount.

When all the fields are filled, click on "WITHDRAW" button.

2. You will be able to see the following message:

2.1 You will receive email from Tidex with confirmation link, confirmation code, amount and address inside.

Please, check address and amount carefully. Once you will click on confirmation link, it will be impossible to cancel your withdrawal.

To confirm your withdrawal you can either click on confirmation link or copy confirmation code and paste it to "Confirmation code" field. Then press "SEND" button.

In both confirmation type you will be moved to Tidex Exchange. Make sure your browser allows popup windows.

3. Now you can go to "D & W HISTORY" - https://tidex.com/exchange/account/deposits-history


Type - D (deposit) or W (withdrawal).

Address - where you have withdrawn the coins

TXID - Transaction Identifier (TXID is for blockchain and support team when creating deposit/withdrawal issues tickets)


PROCESSING - means your TX is in processing. If you wait for it more then 24 hours, you should contact Tidex Support Team using this portal.

COMPLETED - means your TX was processed and sent to the blockchain. Also this status means that nothing can be done to cancel it or refund.

CANCELED - means that in some reason your TX wasn't sent to the blockchain. It can be users action(99,99% cases), or some technical issues.

CONFIRM BY EMAIL - means that your TX is awaiting for confirmation by email. You should click on the confirmation link from your email. Example is above. Also, please check notice below.

Notice: User can see this status when user didn't click on confirmation link from email, or in case it was clicked, but status didn't changed - means some users Browsers plugin has blocked popup windows. You should permit this action or change browser. If it didn't help, cancel your withdrawal, create again and insert "Confirmation code" from confirmation mail as described above.

Also you can cancel your TX only when it has "CONFIRM BY EMAIL" status and link "Cancel":

1. If you are new one to this, please, refer to this article 1. How to deposit a coin/token.

2. Let's take as example WAVES/BTC trading pair.

Find it in BTC market. Use search string for this as shown below:


1. BTC market. Also you can find ETH, USDT and other markets next to BTC.

2. Search string is for searching currency. In this case we typed "WAVES"

3. Just click on this string and you will get WAVES/BTC market.

Now you are ready to BUY WAVES using your BTC.

2. Let's take a look at BUY order dashboard which is on the main page:


Balance - Your available balance in BTC. It's clickable. After clicking it appears in TOTAL field.

PRICE - shows lowest price per 24 hours by default. But you can set desired one.

Notice. How to choose proper price.

If you want to BUY immediately, look at SELL order book. Choose one of orders there and hit on it, then press BUY. But be careful, chosen price can be not the price you expect.

You should check it twice before buying.

AMOUNT - exact amount of WAVES which you will get for your BTC without trading fee.

TOTAL - total amount in BTC. This amount will be used for buying waves amount.

All of these fields you can change manually.

When you are ready to proceed, click BUY button and your order will appear in order book or will be executed immediately. But first, look at point 3 here.

3. Ordering confirmation.

What does it mean?

When it enabled, each time you want to create an order you will be asking for confirmation. It looks like this one:

(If its annoying you, you can disable it in properties - https://tidex.com/exchange/orders/open-orders)

YES - you confirm order creating

NO - you cancel order creating.

When "YES" was chosen, you will see information popup window in the right bottom corner of the screen:

If your orders wasn't executed immediately, it will be added to according orderbook. If other people have orders with the same price as you, they will be merged in one at orderbook.

Also you will be able to see list of your open orders(https://tidex.com/exchange/orders/open-orders):

Your open orders list - https://tidex.com/exchange/orders/open-orders

Your trade history - https://tidex.com/exchange/orders/trade-history

4. Trading fee.

0.1% will be taken once your order will be completed fully or partly.

What does it mean?

It means, once your BUY order for 1,66012546 WAVES will be completed, you will get 1,658465 WAVES.

How do orders work?

There are two persons, who want: 1) To BUY WAVES for 0.00062098 BTC and 2) To SELL WAVES for 0.00062098 BTC.

When the price will be equal from both sides: BUYers and SELLers, order will be partly or fully completed.

Orders can be as fully completed as partly completed.

What does it mean?

1. When your order is fully completed - Means you want to BUY 40.0294 WAVES and someone have this amount and decided to SELL all of it 40.0294 to you. When prices will be equal from both sides, your order will be executed. Your order will disappear from order book, from your open orders tab https://tidex.com/exchange/orders/open-orders and coins will appear on your balance.

2. When your order is partly completed - Means you want to BUY 40.0294 WAVES and persons from SELL side don't have all the amount 40.0294 in one hands. Each of SELL-side person has 5 WAVES, 10 WAVES and so on.

When prices will be equal from both sides, your order will be decreasing on the amount from SELLers side(in our example: decrease on 5 WAVES, 10 WAVES and so on).

Pay attention on the following:


If your order is hanging, it means that nobody ready to close it with your price. In this case you should cancel your current order and create a new one with the price which should be close to market price. As example you can choose one of orders from orderbook by clicking on it.


If you have any suggestions which can improve this instruction, please, feel free to contact us.


Will Tidex be charging any fees?

Tidex will not charge any fees for staking.

Which coins do we currently support?

Tidex current supports staking for WAVES and Tidex token.

Can I trade while staking?

Yes, you can trade by coins on your balance, but not using those coins which are currently in staking.